Definition of nip and tuck in English:

nip and tuck

adverb & adjective

  • Neck and neck; closely contested:

    [as adverb] ‘it was nip and tuck to 7–7 until Best took the lead’
    • ‘Throughout a thrilling final furlong, Far Lane and Etesaal went at it hell for leather, and it was nip and tuck all the way to the line before Far Lane prevailed.’
    • ‘It was nip and tuck for the initial seven minutes, but the forwards made little headway for the initiative shown further afield.’
    • ‘In a nip and tuck thirty minutes just two scores were recorded with both defences in top form.’
    • ‘Neck and neck, very tight, and been my view the whole time that it was going to be nip and tuck right down to the wire, to the debates at least.’
    • ‘Their private battle, often fought for minor placings several minutes behind the day's escape, was nip and tuck from the first week, when McEwen was 10 points behind.’
    • ‘It was nip and tuck as they fenced with each other for the next ten minutes, the scores level four times and little obvious to break the stalemate.’
    • ‘That hadn't been the case in a nip and tuck first half hour though when the scene looked set for a real thriller.’
    • ‘Lexus has concentrated on the higher luxury segments in the past and in 1999 it fought nip and tuck with Mercedes for the luxury auto sales crown in the United States.’
    • ‘In the second thirty minutes it was nip and tuck all the way.’
    • ‘It was nip and tuck throughout, with the place changing many times.’
    • ‘A penalty apiece from Flatley and Paterson saw the sides locked together at 3-3 after 10 minutes and it was nip and tuck for the rest of the half.’
    • ‘But the competition stayed nip and tuck, copying our every move.’
    • ‘The second half was nip and tuck with good tackling by both sides.’
    • ‘The two teams were nip and tuck all the way up to half time.’
    • ‘This year will be nip and tuck, but I think we will show a profit.’
    • ‘They've been pushing each other and it is nip and tuck between them.’
    • ‘It continued nip and tuck as far as the interval.’
    • ‘It was nip and tuck for much of the hour but the Sarsfields had that little bit more in some key positions and it was this that saw them over the line and ultimately seal the spoils.’
    • ‘Each issue was nip and tuck, scrounging for every word.’
    • ‘As if the fights didn't make it memorable enough, the game was nip and tuck all the way.’


  • A cosmetic surgical operation:

    ‘lots of exercise keeps her in shape and the odd nip and tuck helps’
    • ‘Surgeons claim the rise in the number of people going under the knife has been fuelled by the growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery and the increasing number of celebrities openly admitting they have had a nip and tuck.’
    • ‘Whether it's a simple nip and tuck or substantial reconstructive surgery, the course is given plenty of time to heal all scars.’
    • ‘Around £400 a month should keep up my Botox levels and allow for the odd nip and tuck.’
    • ‘A nip and tuck later and the doubles are switched with their real life counterparts.’
    • ‘In the phony world of celebrity, very few are as honest about having had a little work, a little nip and tuck, so to speak, as you have always been.’


nip and tuck