Definition of ninth in English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number nine in a sequence; 9th.

    ‘the ninth century’
    ‘the ninth of March’
    • ‘Yesterday's win was his ninth of the season and the 62nd of his remarkable career.’
    • ‘Alfred took measures to remedy that situation by importing books and scholars from the continent, thus gradually restocking the native libraries that had suffered during the ninth century.’
    • ‘It will be Hall's ninth tribunal appearance in nine seasons.’
    • ‘Dating from the late ninth century AD, the hoard includes silver coins, fragments of two swords, weights, a belt buckle, strap ends as well as the boat nails.’
    • ‘He was the ninth of ten children and not his strict mother's favorite.’
    • ‘Some time around the ninth century, Sappho's nine books were irrecoverably lost.’
    • ‘A few months after returning home, I had my ninth birthday.’
    • ‘Also, on a totally unrelated note, I'd like to point out to the good people of South West London that it is, in fact, the ninth of November and therefore a good few days past bonfire night.’
    • ‘The strike constituted Crawford's ninth goal of the season.’
    • ‘He was born at Johnstown, the ninth of 11 children.’
    • ‘An attempt at implementation constitutes the ninth stage of the systematic conservation planning process.’
    • ‘They're excited, and they're fired up about the upcoming election here on the ninth.’
    • ‘So, in effect, they're treating the ninth of September like the first of January, doing a twelve month retrospective.’
    • ‘Barrie was born in 1860, the ninth of 10 children.’
    • ‘This year will be the ninth time the bi-annual show has been held in Trowbridge Park and the Civic Hall and it usually attracts crowds of people from all over the area.’
    • ‘I've just been informed that this is the ninth of May.’
    • ‘Coinage was at a very early stage in all parts of Britain and Ireland during the ninth to eleventh centuries.’
    • ‘Statistics on climate in northern Europe for the ninth to eleventh centuries are virtually non-existent.’
    • ‘The theme for this year's convention (the ninth in succession) is ‘Do not be identified with worldly life’.’
    • ‘The draw - their ninth of the campaign - was no more than they deserved against a team with Champions League aspirations.’
    1. 1.1 The ninth finisher or position in a race or competition.
      ‘he came in ninth’
      • ‘Frankie Dettori, a two-time winner of the event, finished ninth with two points.’
      • ‘After finishing ninth at Dover, he has climbed to 10th in points.’
      • ‘Remarkably, he finished in the top 10 in each race, including ninth in the Daytona 500.’
      • ‘At the 2001 Worlds, the British women finished ninth in the team competition, and Tweddle placed 24th all-around.’
      • ‘The Braves, however, ranked ninth in the league in both scoring average and fielding percentage last season.’
      • ‘At the 1999 Worlds, Slater and Skinner placed ninth and 16th all-around, respectively.’
      • ‘Chloe McCarthy came in ninth in her race and did really well against tough competition.’
      • ‘Dino Crescentini jumped out to an early lead in the Touring Car Rookie of the Year race when he finished ninth in the season-opening race at Sebring.’
      • ‘Neal was next up and then, finishing a disappointing ninth having been among the leaders, was Muller.’
      • ‘The Chargers have held up fairly well against the pass, ranked ninth in the league.’
      • ‘Women's windsurfer Natasha Sturges was ninth in race four and stands ninth overall.’
      • ‘Another British rider, Bradley Wiggins finished ninth in the scratch race - his first competitive outing since winning three medals in Athens.’
      • ‘Bingley's Rob Jebb, who lives at Staveley, was a disappointing ninth, four places behind his main challenger for the British championship title, Ian Holmes.’
      • ‘Last year, Erik's first year, he placed ninth in the state Bee.’
      • ‘Cartwright's last runner was Stone Prince, who finished ninth in the fifth race.’
      • ‘Schumacher's Ferrari teammate Rubens Barrichello had a disappointing race, finishing ninth.’
      • ‘Last year, though, his fortunes took a turn for the worse, and he finished a disappointing ninth.’
      • ‘Danica Patrick, who led the field to the green flag, finished ninth.’
      • ‘Amy Costello continued her recent good form by finishing ninth in the 200m breaststroke.’
      • ‘He finished ninth in the 2002 point race after placing a surprising fourth as a rookie.’
    2. 1.2Music An interval spanning nine consecutive notes in a diatonic scale.
      • ‘Mundy wrote The Buzzard especially at the request of Cecilia McDowall, whose initially rather spiky setting, using octaves and ninths, sets the scene for a clever contrast at the moment the bird soars, with accelerating swooping music.’
      • ‘You can't create a chord for it with three pitches each a half-step (or a major seventh or minor ninth, for that matter) apart.’
      • ‘Percussive rhythm and pointillist effects propel this chant-like song depicting death as a beautiful woman marching on a road of bleached bones; difficult intervals, many sevenths and ninths.’
    3. 1.3Music The note which is higher by a ninth than the tonic of a diatonic scale or root of a chord.
      • ‘The work lies far closer, at least in its harmonic thought, to American Modernism (say, Copland's music of the Twenties) than to what we might expect from familiar Creston - diatonic chords leavened with major sevenths and ninths.’
    4. 1.4Music A chord in which the ninth note of the scale forms an important component.
      • ‘The ornaments are measured and written out, it is in C major and it requires the hand span of a ninth.’
      • ‘The E-flat's doable, but it's that diminished ninth… that's a male's chord.’
      • ‘Scott and Dankworth were blown away by the melodic lines of modern jazz and its soulful use of chord substitutions, ninths and flattened fifths.’
  • 2Each of nine equal parts into which something is or may be divided.