Definition of ninja in English:



  • 1A person skilled in the Japanese art of ninjutsu.

    • ‘I thought before starting research that the martial arts traditions associated with the ninjas would provide a lot of good material.’
    • ‘The group of instructors and students at the self-defence class don't resemble ninjas at all, but are a bunch ordinary people who happen to be pretty adept at utilising an opponent's weak spots to overpower them.’
    • ‘The modern ninjas are concerned with martial arts, which played hardly any role in the lives of the real ninjas.’
    • ‘We need a male actor to play a ninja, who needs to have a martial arts background as well as be able to perform back handsprings.’
    • ‘The ninjas emerged in a small area around today's towns of Iga-Ueno and KMka, where in the middle ages villages became fed up with Japan's warlords and set about forming themselves into self-defense communes.’
    • ‘The nunchaku popularised in Bruce Lee films and used by Japanese ninjas is only meant to be used by experts in combat sports.’
    • ‘To prepare for the role of a ninja, Prout began martial arts training a few weeks before filming began.’
    • ‘The ninja also used his skills of camouflage and espionage to shock.’
    1. 1.1informal often with modifier A person who excels in a particular skill or activity.
      ‘the courses vary—you don't have to be a computer ninja to apply’
      • ‘My goal as marketing ninja is to get Thomas to spend less time in London, and more time on a plane, visiting his other ports of call.’
      • ‘I was a total ninja - we snagged a cab the first 30 seconds we stepped out of the market.’
      • ‘The barman is a proper Guinness ninja who can draw the "perfect pint".’
      • ‘Are you a ninja in the kitchen?’
      • ‘Everyone likes to think of themselves as elite gaming ninjas, capable of tackling any in-game task.’
      • ‘Whether you're an email marketing ninja in training, or training ninjas of your own, connecting with your current customers is key in keeping them happy.’
      • ‘Are you a data analysis ninja? Can you seamlessly transition between OLAP Relational, Graph/RDF and Hive/EMR without breaking a sweat?’
      • ‘If you've gotten really tired of the GUI, check out our list of unconventional command line apps and if you haven't done it yet, be sure to read up on how to become a command line ninja with time-saving shortcuts.’
      • ‘We don't all need to be ninja programmers.’
      • ‘Jim's team of marketing ninjas offer a full range of Internet marketing services including link building services and social media branding.’
      • ‘Even predictive-modeling ninja Nate Silver contends that intuition still has a role in decision making.’
      specialist, authority, pundit, oracle, resource person
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Japanese, literally ‘spy’.