Definition of nineteenth in English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number nineteen in a sequence; 19th.

    ‘the late nineteenth century’
    • ‘This nineteenth anniversary performance is under the capable direction of the school principal.’
    • ‘In the nineteenth book in a much-loved series, the pair wins a creativity prize in a snowman contest.’
    • ‘His nineteenth film is a simple, humour-filled tale that resonates with deeper themes of friendship and fate.’
    • ‘Around her nineteenth birthday, Mary asked me what I thought about putting together a book on social behavior.’
    • ‘Distance education evolved from the correspondence courses of the late nineteenth century.’
    • ‘He made his international debut on his nineteenth birthday.’
    • ‘I left England in 1944, a few days before my nineteenth birthday.’
    • ‘The nineteenth edition came out in September.’
    • ‘The elevator ride to the nineteenth floor didn't cause him any discernible panic.’
    • ‘He left no children, and was succeeded by his second cousin Robert de Vere, nineteenth earl of Oxford.’
  • 2Each of nineteen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘a nineteenth of an acre’
    • ‘It would lose, on being weighed in water, about a nineteenth of its weight.’
    • ‘The taxes amount to no less than a nineteenth of the property.’
    • ‘The far-distant Sun, when seen from the Saturnian System, has only about a nineteenth of the superficial extent which it presents to the Earth.’
    • ‘At significantly reduced rates, say a nineteenth of consumption in 2008, both of these nations could continue to utilize their domestic reserves for nearly half a millenium’
    • ‘It was quite common for an individual to own an eighth of a share of one field and a nineteenth of yet another, perhaps two miles away.’