Definition of nine-to-fiver in English:



  • See nine-to-five

    • ‘It's also filled with politics, but they're of a more universal focus, concentrating on the common worker's struggle for security as an expendable nine-to-fiver.’
    • ‘Shouldn't they be allowed to go for a martini at the end of a long day, just like the nine-to-fivers?’
    • ‘I, for one, have never known a journalist who ended his reporting day at 5pm any more than I know any graphic designers who are nine-to-fivers.’
    • ‘The tall lifeless buildings of New York, busy streets and nine-to-fivers faded into non-existence as a closer look revealed a river tucked away between two hills.’
    • ‘As my wife is a nine-to-fiver and had only three days for the holiday, I had to take my auntie's place.’