Definition of Nile perch in English:

Nile perch


  • A large predatory fish found in lakes and rivers in north-eastern and central Africa, widely caught for food or sport.

    Lates niloticus, family Centropomidae

    • ‘Stewart documents over 20 species of fish, including lungfish, electric fish, large minnows, catfish, Nile perch, and rare cichlids.’
    • ‘The most common place to find the Nile perch is in Lake Victoria where the species was introduced in 1962.’
    • ‘When Nile perch began to impact local cichlid fisheries, locals started to consume Nile perch, but this fish required firewood for drying and preservation because it is much larger.’
    • ‘In Africa, fisheries biologists intentionally introduced the voracious Nile perch into Lake Victoria, home to nearly a thousand species of endemic cichlids of the genus Haplochromis.’
    • ‘Among the warm water perch are Australia's barramundi and Nile perch of Egypt.’


Nile perch