Definition of Nile monitor in English:

Nile monitor


  • A large heavily built African lizard that has greyish-olive skin with yellow markings and is semiaquatic.

    Varanus niloticus, family Varanidae

    • ‘One of the biggest monitor lizards is Varanus niloticus, the Nile monitor, which may measure 2 m in length.’
    • ‘The natural history of the Nile monitor has been summarized by a variety of authors.’
    • ‘He said there has been only one comprehensive study of Nile monitors done in their native Africa.’
    • ‘With a lot of patience, frequent handling, and a well stocked first aid kit, Nile monitors can be tamed.’
    • ‘Four species of monitors are found in Africa and the Nile monitor is Africa's largest lizard.’