Definition of Nile crocodile in English:

Nile crocodile


  • A large crocodile with a long, narrow head, native to Africa and Madagascar.

    Crocodilus niloticus, family Crocodylidae

    • ‘The sky at times almost turning back with the vast numbers seek their roots high above the Nile crocodiles that bask bellow.’
    • ‘After she did her PhD on the crocodiles of Lake St. Lucia, she saw the opportunity to start a research project on the Nile crocodiles in the Okavango.’
    • ‘A study on Nile crocodiles indicated that they usually eat only about 50 full meals a year.’
    • ‘In the west, the dry hills and red rivers are home to 16-foot Nile crocodiles.’
    • ‘He'll test them on Nile crocodiles in South Africa, which are imperiled because changes to a local dam will raise water levels and swamp nesting beaches.’
    • ‘‘There are many instances of crocodilian populations - including Nile crocodiles - which are isolated from each other, yet are not sufficiently dissimilar to count as new species, or even new subspecies,’ said Britton.’
    • ‘This park contains one of the largest hippo populations in the world and high concentrations of Nile crocodile.’
    • ‘In fact, Nile crocodiles are known to form ‘dams’ using their bodies, while another member of the group catches the fish trapped by his crocodile mates.’
    • ‘Swamps are home to the Nile crocodile which breeds mainly in the river's northern section.’
    • ‘Towering sand dunes roll down to lily-strewn swampy lakes inhabited by Nile crocodiles.’
    • ‘A cruise on the river Chobe provides sightings of elephants in water, Nile crocodiles and on the river-bank will be lions.’
    • ‘The first 31 of 50 Nile crocodiles have arrived at the Johannesburg Zoo to take up residence in a newly created enclosure, Crocodile Country.’
    • ‘Water levels are too low, and Nile crocodiles consume too many small fish.’
    • ‘‘I'm not a geneticist,’ Barr said, ‘but we are hearing that the cave population was distinctly different genetically from other populations of Nile crocodiles in Madagascar.’’
    • ‘The Nile crocodile (C. niloticus) is more closely related to non-African Crocodylus and is not a close relative of C. cataphractus, suggesting that it may actually be a more recent immigrant to Africa.’
    • ‘The large animals you will see at Abuko include a population of Nile crocodiles living in a series of permanent pools.’
    • ‘For instance the Zimbabwean population of Nile crocodile was downlisted so that its commercial utilization could be expanded to provide funds for habitat protection.’
    • ‘It further contains the look-alike species, which are controlled because of their similarity in appearance to the other regulated species like lion, hippo, Kafue and black lechwe, meyers parrot, and Nile crocodile.’
    • ‘Together they spent a year on Lake Rudolf (now called Lake Turkana) in northern Kenya, killing and dissecting about 500 animals in order to learn what they could about Crocodilus niloticus, the Nile crocodile.’