Definition of nightwalker in English:



  • 1A person who walks about at night or who sleepwalks.

    • ‘But remember it's still too early for the nightwalkers to disregard their reflective gear.’
    • ‘The gates of the park were opening and the bedraggled company of nightwalkers were being at last admitted into that paradise of lawns.’
    • ‘The controlling perspective is that of a nightwalker, a lonely insomniac roaming the streets of a sleeping city.’
    • ‘Valjean, a man given to thought and a nightwalker, frequently did not return till quite late.’
    • ‘Fundraising for the hospice was a great success with the day and nightwalkers combining forces for the sponsored event.’
    somnambulist, noctambulist
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    1. 1.1archaic A prostitute.
      ‘the power to arrest and apprehend all nightwalkers’
      • ‘The work of the police for the suppression of open immorality in the streets took the form of prosecution of common nightwalkers.’
      • ‘A woman who was on a dark street without an escort was almost certain to be a prostitute, also known as a nightwalker.’
      • ‘I am very well acquainted with all the haunts and resorts of female nightwalkers.’
      • ‘These eighteenth-century statutes authorize the arrest of vagrants, vagabonds, and nightwalkers, among others.’
      • ‘She pleaded guilty to committing vagrancy by being a common prostitute or nightwalker.’