Definition of nightmarishly in English:



  • See nightmarish

    • ‘If you use the same room that you use for nightmarishly boring status meetings, don't expect people to be stimulated by the surroundings.’
    • ‘Of those entitled to claim the pensions credit, 1.7 million failed to do so because it is ‘so nightmarishly complicated’.’
    • ‘It is certainly much less nightmarishly violent than his previous mainstream novels, in which animals and people are often horrifically tortured.’
    • ‘We had shot seven wasteful wides to a solitary one from the hosts in that half, and of course the concession of those nightmarishly soft brace of goals compounded what had become a very difficult situation.’
    • ‘Most nightmarishly, some worried that governments could one day use brain implants to monitor and perhaps even control citizens' behavior.’