Definition of nightless in English:



  • See night

    • ‘The Finnish countryside and the nightless night of the northern summer may for some also provide a unique opportunity to experience the "conflict" between day and night, the victory of light over darkness.’
    • ‘Of the migration of geese, he had written, ‘The waste corn of Illinois is carried through the clouds to the Arctic tundras, there to combine with the waste sunlight of a nightless June to grow goslings for all the lands between.’’
    • ‘The nightless night can last up to 60 days in Lapland, and from the middle of June until August, the sun never sets but hangs low over the horizon.’
    • ‘There was no wind after they left for six days so they rowed and arrived at a nightless island called Lamnos.’
    • ‘It's an unpretentious, stylish and not particularly original B movie about space travelers marooned on a nearly nightless desert planet.’