Definition of nightcap in English:



  • 1historical A cap worn in bed.

    • ‘He would work until seven at his desk, dressed in nightcap and robe, changing back into these garments at once when he had returned from his morning lectures.’
    • ‘By now, he was used to waking up in the middle of the night; attire mussed and nightcap askew, and scurrying to open the door for His Grace's wide circle of friends.’
    • ‘The man, in nightshirt and nightcap, his splayed legs towards you, lies on a sheet pulled from the bed.’
    • ‘If I could get away with wearing a hat, I would (I've often joked with my wife that there is a vast untapped market for authentic nightcaps in this country).’
    • ‘Scrooge sits before the fire in his dressing gown and nightcap thinking of the way that the doorknocker changed form.’
  • 2A hot or alcoholic drink taken before bedtime.

    • ‘And so, warm bellied, we repaired to our room to watch telly, read, write and have a vodka nightcap before sleep.’
    • ‘A cup of hot chocolate or tea is the preferred nightcap.’
    • ‘Why, just last night, after my usual nightcap of six white Russians, I drifted on into an unusual dream…’
    • ‘We then skipped desserts, but accepted a Pernod as the nightcap.’
    • ‘But as a wonderful dinner, a romantic walk on the pier and a tasty nightcap at a local pub passed, Sarah seemed to get dejected.’
    • ‘We had lots of fun together, going to baseball games, to all-you-can-eat cafeterias and, eventually, to my place and to his for nightcaps.’
    • ‘Very often you may be eating three meals together each day or sharing a cocktail before dinner or a nightcap when the day is done.’
    • ‘He swallowed what was left of his nightcap of vodka and placed the cup on the desk.’
    • ‘I went home, watched the telly and had a few drinks, then a couple of nightcaps.’
    • ‘By the time we got back to my place after a nightcap at a local pub, we were both feeling really great and we got all snuggly and were holding hands, and I was so totally head over heels all over again.’
    • ‘We weren't ready to call it a night, so we headed to Daiquiri Dick's for a nightcap.’
    • ‘En route home some members stopped off at the local tavern for a nightcap where many songs/stories were regaled late into the evening.’
    • ‘Finally, somewhat tired and emotional, we ended up having a nightcap around 3am - some 12 hours after we started drinking - before retiring to bed.’
    • ‘Second, when taking medication that shouldn't be mixed with alcohol, don't drink an entire bottle of wine as a nightcap when you need to catch a train early the next morning.’
    • ‘Don't be surprised if your lunch spills over into afternoon cocktails and finally nightcaps.’
    • ‘Many people who suffer from insomnia try to solve the problem with alcohol - the so-called nightcap.’
    • ‘The jovial evening was finished back at V's where we enjoyed a final vodka nightcap.’
    • ‘Well, what if I went for a nightcap at my hotel and just happened to get chatting to a lady in the bar?’
    • ‘But hell, a drink after a day at work can make a good nightcap too.’
    • ‘The lavish event was then rounded off nicely with quiet Tequila and Jagermeister nightcaps and jovial banter amongst the attendees.’
    beverage, drinkable liquid, potable liquid, liquid refreshment, thirst quencher
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  • 3The second game of a double-header.

    • ‘The A's won the nightcap of this landmark doubleheader, 5-2.’
    • ‘If the Red Sox miss the playoffs by a game, they'll be haunted by the nightcap of Tuesday's doubleheader, when Toronto rallied from a pair of three-run deficits to beat Curt Schilling.’
    • ‘Nicholson had hit three home runs in the opener and connected again in the seventh inning of the nightcap.’
    • ‘In the nightcap, it went down to the ninth inning, two out and we're one run down.’
    • ‘In the nightcap of the doubleheader, he hit a ninth inning homer off Hoyt Wilhelm to assure the Yankees of a 1-0 win.’