Definition of night vision in English:

night vision


mass noun
  • 1The faculty of seeing in the dark, especially when the eyes have become adapted to the low level of light.

    • ‘She landed in a crouch, her night vision momentarily ruined by the candle's brief light.’
    • ‘Its compounds also help the eyes adapt to bright light and improve night vision.’
    • ‘This means that the Cougar has excellent night vision, even though its colour vision is not as good as ours.’
    • ‘The rods are sensitive to low light and are used mostly for night vision.’
    • ‘My night vision's not great so I had to move closer, maybe I need to eat more carrots or something.’
    • ‘First signs are blurry vision, especially in bright light, loss of night vision and needing more light to read by.’
    • ‘Does all this extra glare at eye level reduce a driver's night vision, especially on unlit carriageways?’
    • ‘She avoided looking at the fire, as looking at light would ruin her night vision.’
    • ‘A bright light within the boat will ruin his night vision.’
    • ‘In addition, some people who opted for surgery have found their night vision has worsened dramatically.’
    • ‘No doubt living in places such as these proves to be a challenge for one without good night vision.’
    • ‘The light signals are done with the beam shining below your buddy's line of sight, so as not to ruin his night vision.’
    • ‘It dawned upon me that they couldn't see me, my night vision was much better than theirs was.’
    • ‘I can easily see anything in the distance, and I have pretty good night vision.’
    • ‘Red light doesn't disturb most animals, and it also doesn't destroy one's night vision.’
    • ‘Since cones do not function well in darkness, night vision depends strongly on light picked up by rods.’
    • ‘It takes more than 15 minutes to gain night vision inside the pitch black exhibit.’
    • ‘Laser surgery may also slightly reduce your colour and night vision.’
    • ‘My night vision is very good and getting better as I blink the film from my eyes.’
    • ‘He was in one of the islands of light, it was ruining his night vision and he couldn't see into the darkness.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting devices that enable the user to see in the dark.
      ‘night-vision goggles’
      • ‘Airmen ran to unload them by the dim green light of their night vision goggles.’
      • ‘Superior night-vision gear that uses infrared sensors will enable U.S. troops to see the enemy but not be seen.’
      • ‘He pulled out a small pair of binoculars that doubled as night vision glasses and headed towards the edge of the rock face.’
      • ‘Afghan troops say the insurgents are better equipped, more mobile, and using more sophisticated equipment like night-vision gear and satellite telephones.’
      • ‘Arleen's head jerked up and she grabbed the high power night vision binoculars sitting on the seat next to her.’
      • ‘And they have a good record of evading the night-vision cameras of the Israeli police.’
      • ‘We continue tromping down the dark road, lit only by some houses and our night vision goggles.’
      • ‘Their ‘daring’ assault on enemy territory was captured by the military's night-vision camera.’
      • ‘The grainy, green-tinted video taken with night-vision lenses showed her to be alert as she lay on the stretcher.’
      • ‘Sight systems with night vision capability or thermal imaging are available.’
      • ‘The infrared components are only visible to those wearing night-vision devices.’
      • ‘Without air-to-air radar or night-vision devices, finding the tanker was becoming next to impossible.’
      • ‘Stephens set up night-vision cameras and baited a trap at this construction site with two shiny, new air conditioners.’
      • ‘It was blackout conditions, meaning no lights; all of us wore night vision goggles to see.’
      • ‘In addition to the Sniperscope and other night-vision devices, the potential of this technology for guidance purposes began to be realized.’
      • ‘Many discarded their water bottles, night-vision devices and other useful equipment because this was meant to be a quick, in-and-out daylight mission.’
      • ‘Close-fitting eye lenses are shaped to improve peripheral vision and are compatible with most optical sighting and night-vision devices.’
      • ‘The other study concerned the impact of night-vision devices on flight.’
      • ‘The footage from the raid, shot not by journalists but by soldiers with night-vision cameras, was fed in real time to the central command in Qatar.’
      • ‘Caution: remove batteries from night-vision devices to prevent them from accidentally being switched on during daylight.’