Definition of night terrors in English:

night terrors

plural noun

  • Feelings of great fear experienced on suddenly waking in the night.

    • ‘Once back in the UK he was given disembarkation leave, and says that he continued to drink heavily to suppress his nightmares, and also began to experience flashbacks and night terrors.’
    • ‘The fourth factor dealt with night terrors and reactivity to sudden noises.’
    • ‘George discusses some of his night terrors and reveals that he has palpable hallucinations of an evil force.’
    • ‘The creepy, outrageously Freudian project comes from several of his current preoccupations, including videogames, disaster flicks and her own recurring night terrors.’
    • ‘He himself had no great desire to sleep, thoughts of the day's events would give him the night terrors for certain.’
    • ‘Tim and Maureen do as much for him - sitting up through the night to comfort him when he experiences night terrors, being attuned to his every need, being there for him - as he does for them.’
    • ‘Several factors may contribute to your child's night terrors.’
    • ‘This was not the jitters one would get before a battle, or even the childish night terrors she got when one of her nightmares hit her.’
    • ‘Many parents have experienced the world of nightmares, night terrors and sleep paralysis with at least one of their children.’
    • ‘They exhibited symptoms of bed-wetting, sleep walking and night terrors.’
    • ‘No one at Holy Angels invited me to their sleepovers anymore, on account of my loud, thrashing night terrors.’
    • ‘Some children experience bedwetting, night terrors, or sleepwalking during deep sleep.’
    • ‘Children who have night terrors may be overly tired or under stress.’
    • ‘Several adolescents also developed night terrors and needed to be escorted by their parents to the outdoor toilets.’
    • ‘At first, she said and did nothing; she'd gotten used to his night terrors and learned to leave him alone.’
    • ‘Another great thing about living with the Barkers was the miraculous deterioration of my night terrors.’
    • ‘The majority were asleep or unconscious, occasionally twitching and screaming in fear of the night terrors that had followed them from the waking world.’
    • ‘Other common problems are night terrors, dream disturbed sleep and also light sleepers, waking every couple of hours.’
    • ‘Two to 3% of all children will experience episodes of night terrors.’
    • ‘Has anybody suffering from night terrors ever wet their bed from fright while sleeping at the clinic?’
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