Definition of night sky in English:

night sky


  • The sky as it is seen at night-time.

    ‘a huge firework display lit up the night sky’
    • ‘They watch airliners flying low across the night sky.’
    • ‘Paul is mesmerized by the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the sight of the moon against the night sky.’
    • ‘Lighting whips the black night sky and thunder echoes around the mountains’
    • ‘The ceiling is painted like a night sky, in blue with yellow stars.’
    • ‘A young boy gazes up at the night sky.’
    • ‘As the fireworks exploded in the night sky, people looked on in sheer wonderment.’
    • ‘If you're lucky, you'll see Santa fly through the night sky.’
    • ‘The fire is vivid and realistic, and stands out beautifully against the night sky.’
    • ‘Search lights arc through the night sky.’
    • ‘She looked up, for a long time, at the constellations in the night sky.’