Definition of night light in English:

night light


  • A lamp or candle providing a dim light during the night.

    • ‘I turned off the t.v. and tucked her in, turning off the light in her room, leaving her night light on.’
    • ‘Use a night light in the room because people with Alzheimer's often can't see well in the dark, which adds to confusion.’
    • ‘She turns off the overhead light, so I roll over and flick on my night light.’
    • ‘No need for the night light; just take off your clothes.’
    • ‘For example, work toward leaving a night light on instead of a brighter closet light.’
    • ‘It was very dark, except for a night light shining in the hallway.’
    • ‘If your bathroom is bright, consider installing a rheostat (dimmer switch) or washing up by the light of a night light.’
    • ‘One approach is to place the patients’ beds nearer to the bathroom and keep a night light on, says Kastner.’
    • ‘A night light was plugged into the wall along the way, offering scant illumination, but he could still make out Robyn's form.’
    • ‘You know, Ellie, I never knew you were afraid of the dark, do you sleep with a night light?’
    • ‘At a basic level, they're like the night light in the bedroom.’
    • ‘But then we found the elephant night light and he's been sleeping peacefully since.’
    • ‘It wasn't much later until I was tucking Candice in bed after checking her room for monsters and making sure her night light worked.’
    • ‘I turned of the lights but left the little night light on.’
    • ‘Even a dim source like a bedside clock or a night light may switch melatonin production off, so keep your bedroom as dark as possible.’
    • ‘After she kissed me goodnight she switched off the light and turned my night light on.’
    • ‘Only a night light was turned on low in one corner of the room.’
    • ‘Only two per cent of children sleep in darkness, while the rest have a night light or can see light from a hall or landing light.’
    • ‘I'd turned off all the lights, but there was still a little night light on.’
    • ‘A night light's low light helps minimize the disruption.’
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night light