Definition of Night Journey in English:

Night Journey

proper noun

  • (in Muslim tradition) the journey through the heavens made by Muhammad, guided by the archangel Gabriel. They flew first to Jerusalem, where Muhammad prayed with earlier prophets including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, before entering the presence of Allah in heaven.

    • ‘In Islam, angels appear in the Koran, and are important figures to Mohammed, as when Djibril contacted the Prophet and dictated the Koran to him, and conducted him to heaven on the Night Journey.’
    • ‘In the Night Journey, Muhammad complained of thirst, and was offered wine and milk.’
    • ‘The Prophet suffered similar distress when his people disbelieved his account of his Night Journey.’
    • ‘Of course, the sura says that this Night Journey to Paradise begins at the ‘further mosque,’ and the understanding of the sages is that the ‘further mosque’ is here.’
    • ‘The new shrine is close to the spot from where Muhammad is supposed to have ascended to heaven on his Night Journey, when, according to Islamic tradition, he was received by Abraham and Moses, and taught the duties of prayer.’
    • ‘The Night Journey made Jerusalem the third holiest city in Islam and affirmed the continuity of Islam with Judaism and Christianity.’
    • ‘Inside the Dome of the Rock is the rock from which Muhammad ascended to heaven on his Night Journey.’