Definition of night heron in English:

night heron


  • A small short-necked heron that is active mainly at night.

    Genus Nycticorax, family Ardeidae: several species

    • ‘At the pond there were a few white-winged terns, a black-crowned night heron, a purple swamphen, and some blue-cheeked bee-eaters.’
    • ‘One of Wingate's biggest successes, paradoxically, involves the introduction of a non-native: the yellow-crowned night heron.’
    • ‘While there we found a black-crowned night heron (not the rarest bird on the block, but not one you see every day either).’
    • ‘We've also had the endangered yellow-crowned night heron nesting in the area,’ says Dyer, an avid bird watcher.’
    • ‘A pond near an amphitheater from Alexander the Great's time had a black-crowned night heron, a few little egrets, pied kingfishers and black-winged stilts.’