Definition of night fighter in English:

night fighter


  • A fighter aircraft used or designed for use at night.

    • ‘Transport and communications facilities were targets for Mosquitos from No.464 Squadron, and No.456 Squadron Mosquito night fighters protected the invasion fleet from nocturnal Luftwaffe operations.’
    • ‘The night fighter was modified so that the plane could operate in the severe Korean winters.’
    • ‘It proved a success as a fighter-bomber, reconnaissance plane and a night fighter.’
    • ‘Now the situation was reversed, with the night fighter exposing the length of his belly to the cone of FSGT Chester-Master's fire.’
    • ‘Douglas went ahead with the prototypes - the two attack aircraft would have three crewmen while the night fighter would have two.’
    • ‘While all this was happening, deliveries of the Black Widow to combat units had started and the P - 61, while it had problems, was infinitely better than any other attempt at a night fighter.’
    • ‘As with most good ideas, it seems that the thought of converting the Lightning into a real night fighter came to several men at roughly the same time.’
    • ‘The Navy’ first jet-powered night fighter was the Douglas FSP Skyknight.’
    • ‘Some of these twin-engine aircraft were night fighters and a few were even painted white.’
    • ‘At sunset, Burke, after recovering all of the task force's daytime aircraft, sent a sweep of night fighters over the airfields.’
    • ‘One of the most interesting was the development of the RU - 2, the variant that turned the Corsair into a developmental night fighter.’
    • ‘Included in the collection is Lancaster Under Attack, in which a German night fighter passes beneath a damaged RAF Lancaster.’
    • ‘It was somewhat slower and less manoeuvrable than the nimble Hurricanes and Spitfires which opposed it in 1940, but later in the war it proved to be a successful night fighter, as did a fighter development of the German Ju88 bomber.’
    • ‘A fighter version was built but with little success and a night fighter was produced.’
    • ‘The Stirling of 15 Squadron was on its way from RAF Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, for a raid on Berlin when it was shot down by a German night fighter, and crashed on May 11, 1941.’
    • ‘It was the first two-seater night fighter, called the ME 262, and the one the museum has is the only existing plane of its kind in the world.’
    • ‘During this time, plans for 37 mm and 75 mm variants joined the night fighter in the heap of discarded A - 26 ideas.’
    • ‘Over Geissen, a German night fighter shot the Lancaster down.’
    • ‘What do you do if you think there's a night fighter on your tail?’
    • ‘He juxtaposes his worry over hurting civilians with the absolute thrill he felt in combat, reveling in the excitement and danger of flying over hostile territory while subject to enemy flak and attacks from night fighters.’