Definition of night crawler in English:

night crawler


North American
  • 1An earthworm that comes to the surface at night and is used as fishing bait.

    • ‘Red wiggler worms are the most common vermicompost worm, not the large night crawlers often used as fishing bait.’
    • ‘Quickly Megan did the best she could to mash up the night crawler and get the birds to beg for it.’
    • ‘The night before, he'd worked the counter, ringing up minnows, night crawlers, and bobbers, just like always.’
    • ‘He has been somewhere in Northern Montana digging for night crawlers in the past few months.’
    • ‘If you were to grasp one in your hand, it would squirm like a healthy night crawler trying to escape the hook.’
  • 2informal A person who is socially active at night.

    ‘the bar and nightclub are hot items with chic night crawlers’
    • ‘Others, sensing a change in London night crawlers, did the same.’
    • ‘The buildings would always hold an admirable brawniness; thick and dark while the night crawlers of all types were sucking down on bottles of booze, rioting in the shadows, or hell, just trying to have a good time.’
    • ‘There are plenty of other things to do in Thailand for those not interested a 24-hour binge in South Pattaya and perhaps there should be some adjustment in laws which will accommodate our night crawlers.’
    • ‘Opt for a dressy frock with a sense of occasion, but avoid anything that looks too clubby (they will think you are a sleazy night crawler).’
    • ‘As in the U.S., other hotels have spiced up their bar setting to keep the night crawlers in the house.’