Definition of nicher in English:



[no object]Scottish
  • (of a horse) give a soft breathy whinny.

    ‘the foal nichered’
    • ‘He's an auld horse that winna nicher when he sees corn.’
    • ‘The horse nichered wi' fear and tried to wheel.’
    • ‘Lord Randal's steed he nicher'd loud.’
    • ‘The horses in the Stable at the further side of the Farm Stead nichered with patriotic applause.’
    • ‘A horse, or something in its shape, rose from among the reeds and nichered.’
    whinny, bray, nicker, snicker, whicker
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  • A soft whinnying sound.

    ‘the beast gave a low nicher of welcome’
    • ‘Jack replies with that sort of noise which in a man would be called a chuckle, but which in his is called a nicher.’
    • ‘The nicher o' a horse drew our attention.’
    • ‘She gied a queer nicher and a paw wi' her fore foot, and bolted into the water.’
    • ‘He desired that the people of Scotland should be relieved of the Pom Sillar, threatening, if refused, that his horse should give three nichers!’
    • ‘She trotted up behind her and gave a soft nicher.’


Late 17th century: imitative.