Definition of niche market in English:

niche market


  • A small, specialized market for a particular product or service.

    ‘the product is very much aimed at a niche market’
    • ‘They specialize in niche markets where individuality is more important than mass production.’
    • ‘I think the business will survive in select niche markets.’
    • ‘Initially the new technology may have high costs associated with it and serve only small niche markets.’
    • ‘Small growers are finding a viable niche market producing hot peppers.’
    • ‘You may achieve a niche market, but I think what you want is a mainstream product with some substantial results.’
    • ‘We can do well in these new niche markets.’
    • ‘European cinema may be something of a niche market, unlikely to yield high returns.’
    • ‘Many producers like the idea of selling products to niche markets.’
    • ‘Horror is a great genre for beginning film directors because it is a niche market.’
    • ‘The organic market, once a niche market, is gradually becoming more mainstream.’