Definition of nicely in English:



  • 1In a pleasant or attractive manner.

    ‘nicely dressed in flowered cotton’
    • ‘It looks wide and lumpy bumpy in the picture, but it actually drapes nicely when worn.’
    • ‘I sit in the shade mostly, looking out at the sun, but even so the effect of the open air and reflected sunshine is weathering my skin nicely.’
    • ‘Van Sowerwine has a very nicely designed web site that's also up to date - a rarity among artist sites.’
    • ‘Phoenix sat back and watched as they gorged themselves on all manner of foods the cooks had so nicely prepared for her.’
    • ‘The sauce was pleasant and the garlic nicely roasted, but the flavours were sleepwalking.’
    • ‘She was wearing a baby blue dress that enhanced her deep brown eyes and features nicely.’
    • ‘Her light blue dress fitted her thin form nicely, but didn't reveal anything.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful morning, and the sun came nicely into the room.’
    • ‘It combines nicely with Glory-of-the-snow which flowers a bit earlier.’
    • ‘In fact, it was very nicely decorated with yellow - flowered walls and paintings of more flowers.’
    • ‘After that, most students have a reception at their houses, and are brought there in a nicely decorated car.’
    • ‘If it is a habit for you to dress sharply, then suit up nicely even when going to the movies.’
    • ‘She was naturally attractive with her cute face and short but nicely curved body.’
    • ‘The next singer is Ngaiire Joseph who was dressed much more nicely than last time when she appeared in a tablecloth.’
    • ‘Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Fiona in her violet dress, hair let down nicely.’
    • ‘It's kind of a browny-purple number which is set off nicely by a cashmere scarf that's dull purple on one side and beige on the other.’
    • ‘They appear to be nicely dressed college students with two girls for every boy.’
    • ‘She too was dressed in a gorgeous lacy yellow dress which contrasted nicely with her long, silky black hair.’
    • ‘I think your hair would go nicely with that dress if you let some of it hang down.’
    • ‘Susie and I were all dressed up nicely and her friends were waiting for us outside her house.’
    attractively, pleasantly, pleasingly, agreeably, delightfully, beautifully, well, enjoyably, amusingly
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    1. 1.1 Satisfactorily.
      ‘we're doing very nicely now’
      • ‘This Corinthian helmet, currently on display at the Manchester Museum, would do nicely.’
      • ‘The scheme is a well considered design, which is nicely detailed and handles the corner plot in a satisfactory way.’
      • ‘I'm a short-attention-span kind of girl, so it breaks up my day nicely.’
      • ‘AOL dialler and Firefox browser working very nicely so far, thank you.’
      • ‘She was so beautiful and was growing up so nicely, not to mention she was nice herself too.’
      • ‘Even by what is described as seasonally dull standards, British art is doing quite nicely.’
      • ‘Tomorrow a really good article is coming out that unpacks this aspect of the story quite nicely.’
      • ‘Alert in the United box to accept a through-ball, the striker dinked it nicely over Barthez.’
      • ‘The camellia with its glossy green leaves and beautiful blooms should do very nicely.’
      • ‘Almost all of the bureaucrats at the information ministry have done very nicely for themselves since the war.’
      • ‘I was doing quite nicely on my half a dozen beers and it's amazing how three small glasses of champagne have so much alcohol content in them.’
      • ‘It was wonderful to see finally that Zelda for DS is coming along nicely, and was a pleasant surprise.’
      • ‘Just the thought of rearranging my nicely planned out routine is enough to make me break out in hives.’
      • ‘All you want to do now, apart from sip wanly at the dregs of that satisfying Shiraz, is stump upstairs and crash into a nicely turned down bed.’
      • ‘I think that would nicely satisfy all of the above criteria, stylistically.’
      • ‘The shirt was the only thing that was really dressed up for him, but he pulled it off nicely.’
      • ‘We do have to put some screen over the heating vent, but for now the cage top of the aquarium set up blocks it nicely.’
      • ‘With ingredients such as ginseng and tea these pleasantly scented products do the job very nicely.’
      • ‘His nicely designed and satisfyingly content-rich website should help me to educate myself.’
      • ‘The line drifted down nicely but I wasn't sure if I should concentrate on the trout or the indicator.’
      satisfactorily, satisfyingly, fittingly, acceptably
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    2. 1.2 In a polite or friendly way.
      ‘say goodbye nicely to Miss Sandra’
      • ‘Maddy nicely accepted the Barbie doll Quarter gave her but said nothing after that.’
      • ‘We extend sincere thanks to everybody who met us so nicely and so friendly when we called to their houses.’
      • ‘Yes, it's true the football team is coming off what is, to put it as nicely as possible, a disastrous season.’
      • ‘Sometimes, I just write to the person involved and ask them nicely to cease and desist.’
      • ‘I came here by Mr Romanov's choice and Mr Burley accepted me very nicely in the team.’
      • ‘So she said: oh, OK then Rupert, since you're a friend, and since you've asked so nicely.’
      politely, courteously, civilly
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