Definition of nice work in English:

nice work


  • Used to express approval of a task well done.

    ‘‘You did a good job today—nice work, James.’’
    • ‘‘Not bad, I'll see if the evidence matches up with that… nice work Aimée,’ he said with a weary smile.’
    • ‘People in the parasite world have said: Oh fantastic, nice work, it's great to see something new and something different.’
    • ‘But nice work in the last couple of tribal councils.’
    • ‘Looks like you dudes have been busy blogging without me… nice work!’
    • ‘Thank you for joining us, very nice work on a very comprehensive piece here.’
    • ‘Oh, Photoshop Elements team: nice work removing the undo icon from the layer styles menu.’
    • ‘My other teammate Tim had hung tough as usual with the front group, and ended up with 7th place, nice work, hotshot.’
    • ‘Very nice work MS… a truly masterful, insightful and down right useful page.’
    • ‘So Horner did hold on for a top ten finish, nice work that.’
    • ‘I heard they're even in the process of doing some cool music giveaways… nice work kids!’