Definition of nibbana in English:



  • another term for nirvana
    • ‘There are speculations about good and evil and about nibbana.’
    • ‘This extract from the ‘Buddha's Path ’, by the Triple Gem Press, provides a useful contrast between nibbana and notions of heaven and God.’
    • ‘I once heard someone say that she didn't recognise her own husband when practicing - she was very pleased with this as she believed it meant she was close to nibbana.’
    • ‘There can certainly be wise cloned humans, as well as foolish ones, ones that can follow the Dhamma and attain nibbana, ones that will have no interest, and so on.’
    • ‘A person who both meditates and possesses wisdom is close to nibbana.’


Pali nibbāna, from Sanskrit nirvāṇa (see nirvana).