Definition of ngwee in English:



  • A monetary unit of Zambia, equal to one hundredth of a kwacha.

    • ‘According to Mr Soulsby, this enabled the prompt payment of dividends, which had posted an increment of 50 ngwee, from K16.35 in 2003 to K16.85 per share in 2004.’
    • ‘Zambia Sugar also recorded an increase in share price of 25 ngwee.’
    • ‘The company declared a dividend of K16.35 ngwee per share up from K13.62 ngwee per share last year.’
    • ‘As Christians celebrate this momentous day, dipping into one's pocket to fork out that last ngwee and give to the needy is just as important.’
    • ‘The business association jointly held a meeting with residents where they unanimously rejected the proposed three ngwee and two ngwee rate levy in a Kwacha for both commercial and residential land property respectively.’
    • ‘The operators who squeeze the last ngwee from the commuters to ride on their faulty buses, driven by careless drivers are simply getting away with murder.’
    • ‘We therefore welcome the stance taken by Ministry of Works and Supply Permanent Secretary Bizwayo Nkunika that public funds should not be wasted and every ngwee spent must be accounted for.’


A local word.