Definition of NFC in English:



  • Near field communication, a technology allowing the short-range wireless intercommunication of mobile phones and other electronic devices for purposes such as making payments.

    as modifier ‘simply hold your phone against another NFC device to begin a connection’
    • ‘An NFC "shell" on the back of the Nokia 3220 is being tested by commuters to pay for tickets on a transport system near Frankfurt, Germany; the handset could go on sale this fall.’
    • ‘It delivers the promise of NFC-based services, covering service discovery, payment and ticketing.’
    • ‘But NFC will enable you to buy plane tickets, meals, anything in fact, simply by waving your phone at a port and pressing a button.’
    • ‘All they would have to do is combine GPS technology with NFC, and voila.’
    • ‘For consumers looking to expand their own personal music collection, Motorola is showcasing a Near Field Communications (NFC) solution.’
    • ‘Mobile phones will be the first of many consumer products to embrace NFC technology.’
    • ‘Set up a protocol so that an NFC client on one phone will bring up the corresponding NFC server on the other when the two phones are bumped together.’
    • ‘He said Philips was "working closely with all other parts of Samsung", which could lead to sales of NFC chips for other Samsung products such as televisions.’
    • ‘The phone user can then transfer a ticket using NFC to a friend's mobile phone.’
    • ‘Samsung will also launch NFC handsets next year.’
    • ‘Although technically NFC payments are contactless and work by the phone being swiped near a sensor, some early trials used the slogan "bump to pay" to help remind users to bring their phones close enough to be detected.’
    • ‘More than 600 million handsets will be sold this year and NFC chips cost about US $2 to US $3, although prices will come down.’
    • ‘This caution, coupled with the disruption that will be caused through technological restructuring, may lead to a slower adoption of NFC.’
    • ‘Once you've done that, open the app you'd like to send data from, and simply hold your phone against another NFC device to begin a connection.’