• Immediately below the present holder of a position in order of succession.

    ‘he is next in line to the throne’
    • ‘And the acceptance here really is that the prince of Wales is next in line, and that is the way it's going to be.’
    • ‘Under the Constitution, Prabowo pointed out, Habibie was next in line.’
    • ‘They feel that the job should have gone to a white male, long rumored to be next in line for the position.’
    • ‘It is likely to deprive the side of a key player and, with Vaughan doubtful, thrust a fresh burden on Andrew Flintoff, who is next in line to take over the captaincy.’
    • ‘If O'Driscoll is ruled out, then D' Arcy's position becomes vacant and Anthony Horgan is next in line.’
    • ‘As Edward's nephew, but even more so as Edmund's son, he was next in line by blood to the succession.’
    • ‘Thus, his brother and his heirs would have been next in line.’
    • ‘Sources claimed the ad was really aimed at bypassing two senior officials next in line for the post, because of ethnicity.’
    • ‘Caroline is next in line, followed by Princess Stephanie.’
    • ‘Most prime ministers verge on the psychopathic in their desire to stay in power or at the very least destroy the chances of the next in line.’
    successor, heiress, next in line, inheritor, heir apparent, heir presumptive, heir-at-law, descendant, beneficiary, legatee, scion
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