Definition of next-door neighbour in English:

next-door neighbour

(US next-door neighbor)


  • A person living next door to the speaker or person referred to.

    ‘his next-door neighbour spent thousands of pounds on a new roof’
    • ‘You have a crazy situation where one household is paying the same amount as their next-door neighbour, but they are getting 26 collections a year instead of 52.’
    • ‘Our hero is a nerdy class president with a crush on his next-door neighbour.’
    • ‘The new next-door neighbor doesn't particularly care for the noise.’
    • ‘She says she thinks her next-door neighbour might be a burglar.’
    • ‘Our next-door neighbour had a two-story house.’
    • ‘I was mowing the lawn and my next-door neighbour came out and we were just chatting.’
    • ‘A lot of us couldn't even pick our next-door neighbors out of a line-up.’
    • ‘The trouble between him and his next-door neighbour went back four years.’
    • ‘He and his mates are laughing and jeering at their next-door neighbour.’
    • ‘I asked my next-door neighbour and he heard the earthquake, too.’