Definition of newswoman in English:



  • A female reporter or journalist.

    • ‘With her calm and assured on-camera demeanor, she seems the most aristocratic of newswomen.’
    • ‘Tonight, newswoman and commentator Cokie Roberts on some remarkable women who helped make history as America's founding mothers.’
    • ‘A newswoman was walking towards him with a cameraman right behind her, and she was holding a microphone out.’
    • ‘The newswoman oozed contempt from every strand of her short cropped bleached blond locks.’
    • ‘She was previously the Post's Johannesburg, South Africa correspondent, and published a memoir of her newswoman's African journey.’
    • ‘A graphic appeared on the screen next to the newswoman that was shaped like a flying disc.’
    • ‘I still think that newswomen of that era were outstanding, unique and strong.’
    • ‘The newswoman stood in Buehler Park surrounded by a flock of distressed pigeons.’
    • ‘I noted that the focus of the newsmen and newswomen was the numbers of people who had actually come out to vote.’
    reporter, correspondent, newsman, newspaperman, newspaperwoman, columnist, writer, commentator, reviewer, blogger
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