Definition of newsreel in English:



  • A short film of news and current affairs, formerly made for showing as part of the programme in a cinema.

    • ‘The collective was set up in 1933 to exhibit Soviet films and workers' newsreels, which it began making in 1934.’
    • ‘There's a newsreel on the film's premiere, which was, up to that point, one of the biggest in Hollywood history.’
    • ‘Being fake, The News on the March newsreel near the beginning draws precise attention to cinema's ability to concoct the truth.’
    • ‘I also remember seeing the newsreel of the promo for the film on a video at Cliff's house.’
    • ‘Putting his money where his mouth was, the publisher eventually became involved in every type of cinema: feature films, animation and newsreels.’
    • ‘Going even further, there are two 1930s movie newsreels that were filmed with the actual Grey Owl, a text biography, and a screen of web links to Grey Owl sites.’
    • ‘Examples were found in documentaries, industrial and propaganda films, newsreels, and features.’
    • ‘There was a particular audience for non-fiction films and there were newsreels, but it just wasn't a big market.’
    • ‘There's also a Movietone newsreel highlighting the film and a restoration comparison.’
    • ‘The series pairs films by the same director and features other material relative to the era of the films, such as newsreels and cartoons.’
    • ‘Extras include two fluffy featurettes and four badly-worn newsreels.’
    • ‘Vega narrates his personal story over footage culled from newsreels and other films (in particular, the documentary, The Battle of Chile), as if he was in the process of writing his letter.’
    • ‘The war suffused cinemas, from government promotional films, to newsreels (which, before television, were the public's primary visual source of news), and features.’
    • ‘The first cinema newsreels ever were filmed at the front during the Anglo-Boer War.’
    • ‘Way back when, theaters used to show cartoons, newsreels, and short films before you'd see the main attraction.’
    • ‘He was an accomplished flutist and pianist who became a staff composer at Universal Studios, scoring everything from feature films to newsreels to Abbott and Costello comedies.’
    • ‘There are photographs, footage from newsreels, clips from news and current affairs shows, interviews with soldiers and contemporary images at the Washington Monument.’
    • ‘He utilized ‘found footage’ from feature films, newsreels, and advertisements and edited them together under a unified film score soundtrack.’
    • ‘Rounding out the disc is a brief newsreel of the film's Canadian premiere and the original theatrical trailer.’
    • ‘Think about why newsreels or short documentaries were popular in movie houses throughout Australia prior to the 1950s and 1960s.’