Definition of newsmaker in English:



North American
  • A newsworthy person or event.

    • ‘He is our newsmaker coming up a little later tonight.’
    • ‘The station now features a news program hosted by a local columnist, who has brought several newsmakers to the show.’
    • ‘Look Ma, I really am hanging with the newsmakers.’
    • ‘Each Sunday morning newsmakers lined up to join him on the longest running TV show ever.’
    • ‘Peter Jennings was always itching to be where the news was happening, always asking fellow reporters, eyewitnesses, newsmakers.’
    • ‘He wanted a person who could get newsmakers to talk live on camera.’
    • ‘The sponsoring class might want to specify a category of newsmakers.’
    • ‘Our newsmaker, Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele, is going to be here to talk about the future of the GOP.’
    • ‘This project is designed to help students focus on the newsmakers in their local community.’
    • ‘Second, the words of journalists are different from those of newsmakers.’
    • ‘The stories he covers are about him, not the newsmakers he is supposed to watch.’
    • ‘Love them or hate them, these were the newsmakers.’
    • ‘Under these conditions, there is great risk of collateral damage to newsmakers.’
    • ‘Thankfully, not every conscientious journalist is abandoned by management for perceived offenses against powerful newsmakers.’
    • ‘To make news, of course, it is helpful to book top newsmakers.’
    • ‘There are several frames that speak volumes about the political newsmakers of the State.’
    • ‘Virtually every big newsmaker of the past 20 years at some point sat with Tim Russert.’
    • ‘That makes a difference in how openly they can criticize newsmakers.’
    • ‘Perhaps, for example, the section could be about newsmakers who acted in a courageous way or newsmakers in the field of education.’