Definition of newsfeed in English:



  • 1A service by which news is provided on a regular or continuous basis for onward distribution or broadcasting.

    • ‘There are comments for the articles provided by newsfeed, but there is no way to comment on what the contributors are saying.’
    • ‘Automatically including unexamined press releases in a newsfeed isn't going to even occur to someone who passed Journalism 101 at the high school level.’
    • ‘I spent most of the afternoon watching the one American newsfeed I had access to, CNBC Europe.’
    • ‘They've provided a newsfeed with categories extremely similar to those on the BBC website.’
    • ‘Here are a few content aggregators where you can register your newsfeed.’
    1. 1.1 An item of information so provided.
      • ‘Last week it became known that the newspaper Telegraaf also is now starting to distribute newsfeeds via RSS.’
      • ‘In the meantime, people like Bill Gates suggest the sweet spot of the Internet is in newsfeeds from microcontent sources, not in Web properties.’
  • 2A system by which data is transferred or exchanged between central computers to provide newsgroup access to networked users.

    • ‘You must have a newsfeed from your service provider to connect to the newsgroups.’
    • ‘As a result of our recent ‘newsgroup blip’ investigation it came to our attention that so called ‘innocent groups’ were being deleted from newsfeeds by ISPs.’