Definition of news item in English:

news item


  • A single broadcast or published report of news about a particular topic.

    ‘a brief news item about a riot’
    • ‘A local radio news item stated that the first stage in the development of the woodland on the property will go out to tender in a number of weeks.’
    • ‘It was a big news item in the Edinburgh press that Scott had finally owned up.’
    • ‘This simple news item has been wilfully exploded into a stream of righteous wrath.’
    • ‘The more prominent news item has been the country's fall from grace, dropping to 3rd place from its cozy top standing.’
    • ‘Observations such as the one described in this news item are convincing.’
    • ‘As the riots which followed showed, this was more than just a minor news item.’
    • ‘You must have had a serious depletion of news items to have made this your front page story.’
    • ‘We've had a couple of news items in the past months about this new Japanese horror movie.’
    • ‘The news item made some of us here slightly nostalgic for the good old days.’
    • ‘The web feed is widely used within the news industry to alert news agencies and customers of timely relevant news items.’