Definition of newie in English:


nounPlural newies

  • Something or someone new, especially a newly released music record.

    ‘the only newie or reissue not to receive a review’
    • ‘Starting with a few newies they were full of energy, looking very pleased with the audience reaction.’
    • ‘Don't fret, he's got a newie sorted out with Nicole Kidman and Jared Leto called The Panic Room.’
    • ‘The first caller through gets a copy of Rod Stewart's newie and ice cold six pack of Coca Cola!’
    • ‘I've also ordered Pitchshifter's newie from Chaosmusic.’
    • ‘She has been inadequately trained by the WORST person in the office to train a newie.’
    • ‘Stuart Braithwaite mumbled into the mike for another newie, Secret Pint.’
    • ‘‘I can't decide whether the lyrics to this song are incredibly brave or incredibly stupid,’ she says when introducing a newie.’
    • ‘The Melbourne boys opened and closed with their two biggest hits, Sucker and Rip It Up, introduced a few newies and pretty much had a phat old time back under the spotlight.’
    • ‘Minus 5's newie doesn't aim for the same tin-can fuzziness.’
    • ‘It's no coincidence (though Coupland's novels are sprinkled with them) that of all the writers who could be drafted in to make a back-patting comment for the blurb, Tom Wolfe is on the newie.’
    • ‘I'm currently listening to R.E.M.'s newie Reveal.’
    • ‘The release of Oasis' newie spurred me into pulling out Cheap Trick's eponymous 1997 release on Red Ant for a July dog trek.’
    • ‘Well, they're out tonight to plug latest record ‘Any Minute Now’, and apart from a light sprinkling of older tracks, newies are the dominant tracks.’
    • ‘Rub your hands together, Selectadisc staff: what with these two albums plus newies from Nick Cave, Sparta and The Radio Dept all seductively whispering ‘Buymebuymebuyme’ into my ear, it's only a matter of time before I come a-calling…’
    • ‘They were excited for me, and let me know that Coach Wells SOMETIMES put pressure on newies, so to be expecting it.’
    • ‘The first couple of newies - Weeds and Birds In Your Garden - seem to be more optimistic than anything from last time round, although they later trot out intoxicatingly heady versions of The Fear and This Is Hardcore.’
    • ‘I Want You Back was first of the press, followed by a couple of newies, which lacked no lustre.’
    • ‘The band realised that with two such greats most were there to see the old stuff and keep the newies to a minimum.’
    • ‘I had the same problem with Allien's newie; Ferenc make better tracks though.’
    • ‘The score is a mix of golden oldies, including a clever travelogue made of songs about every state in the Union, and silver newies by the show's musical director, Patrick S. Brady, and stage director, Mark Waldrop.’
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