Definition of New Zild in English:

New Zild


mass nounNZ
  • 1New Zealand English, especially when spoken with a broad or stereotypical New Zealand accent.

    ‘turns out some words in New Zild don't mean the same as in the US’
    1. 1.1 New Zealand.
      ‘apricots are out of season in New Zild’
      • ‘The channel is in danger of embodying more of a New Zild spirit than our own state broadcaster.’
      • ‘In New Zild, people usually just go "That's a strange name."’
      • ‘She is the indomitable ambassadress of New Zild speak.’
      • ‘The New Zild programme makes this point cleverly.’
      • ‘He certainly leapt on the opportunity to paint such a tax as an un-New Zealand death duty that most would reject as an unpatriotic attack on a sacred New Zild right of wealth creation.’
      • ‘He will need to get in quick or he will suffer his second bout of regime change and his advisers will need to coach him on correct New Zild etiquette.’
      • ‘Trying to play by genre rules in a New Zild accent is a tricky thing.’
      • ‘It's been a successful wooing of the Dunedin public with quality comedy, much of it purest New Zild.’
      • ‘I repeat my claim, Wake up New Zild!’
      • ‘He never fit the typical New Zild rugged rugby stereotype.’


  • Relating to New Zealand or New Zealanders.

    ‘the typical New Zild rugged rugby stereotype’


1960s: a contraction based on a stereotyped broad, clipped pronunciation of New Zealand.


New Zild

/njuː ˈzɪld/