Definition of New Zealandize in English:

New Zealandize


[with object]
  • Make (a person or thing) New Zealand in character.

    ‘they seemed intent on New Zealandising the rest of the world’
    • ‘He urged that America should 'New Zealandize itself'.’
    • ‘She is involved in consulting projects and in New Zealandising products.’
    • ‘It was an attempt to New Zealandize an epic Australian novel by simply adding Maoris.’
    • ‘Joint ventures are expected to New Zealandise their operations.’
    • ‘There was an active campaign to "New Zealandize" America.’
    • ‘We must New Zealandize this country, and we now have a good start.’
    • ‘They could import foreign crews but this would do little for New Zealandising the industry.’
    • ‘The 'New Zealandising' of the myth of military superiority began in 1860.’
    • ‘If test procedures cannot be standardised in line with international practice then they can be "New Zealandised" with appropriate justification.’
    • ‘They acknowledge the difficulties of 'New Zealandising' deepwater operations.’


New Zealandize

/ˌnjuː ˈziːləndʌɪz/