Definition of New Zealandism in English:

New Zealandism


  • A word, expression, or other feature that is characteristic of New Zealand English.

    ‘the use of New Zealandisms in such writing is natural enough’
    • ‘What are the possible difficulties in making a study of New Zealandisms?’
    • ‘This is such a great New Zealandism that my spell-check doesn't recognise it.’
    • ‘The intersection of two kinds of referent with the other two contrasts outlined above produces a set of six identifiable types of New Zealandisms.’
    • ‘I'd complete forgotten that New Zealandism.’
    • ‘These elements of the distinctive vocabulary of New Zealand English have sometimes been called 'New Zealandisms'.’
    • ‘He cites it as a New Zealandism in New Zealand Slang, and omits the phrase from The Australian Language.’
    • ‘There is some debate about what constitutes a 'New Zealandism'.’
    • ‘Most New Zealandisms are contrastive with North American as well as with standard British usage.’
    • ‘The greater frequency of the middle verb suggests that we are dealing with a 'true' New Zealandism.’
    • ‘At an early date it may have spread to Australian English as a New Zealandism.’


New Zealandism

/ˌnjuː ˈziːləndɪz(ə)m/