Definition of New Zealand flatworm in English:

New Zealand flatworm


  • A speckled brown terrestrial flatworm up to 15 cm in length, accidentally introduced from New Zealand to Britain where it is destroying earthworm populations.

    Artioposthia triangulata, order Tricladida, class Turbellaria

    • ‘The New Zealand flatworm is found mainly in the north of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.’
    • ‘The New Zealand flatworm is concentrated in southern Scotland and the Australian flatworm in southwest England.’
    • ‘The New Zealand flatworm, introduced into Edinburgh in potted plants in 1960, is now eating native earthworms throughout central Scotland and endangering the fertility of the soil.’
    • ‘It is forty years since the first New Zealand flatworms were first recorded in Ireland.’
    • ‘Studies on captive New Zealand flatworms have shown that they can consume several earthworms in a week.’