Definition of New York minute in English:

New York minute


  • A very short time; a moment.

    • ‘He now appears to be rolling in dough with a half-baked plan, trying to build a champion in a New York minute.’
    • ‘‘I'm sorry for what they did to her and if there was something I could do to restore her anonymity, I would do it in a New York minute,’ he says.’
    • ‘We would do it again in a New York minute even if we are from California.’
    • ‘This is why the scent of a woman's perfume is so evocative - that and the other scents people learned to know in cavewoman and caveman days that would keep them alive or kill them in a New York minute.’
    • ‘A patrol officer stopped me a New York minute later.’
    • ‘I'm a magician with a knack for packing on size in a New York minute and I intend to shock and amaze the crowd at Mandalay Bay.’
    • ‘There is even something called a New York minute, which lasts about two seconds and is constantly invoked to indicate the hectic pace of life here.’
    • ‘And, of course, the French and the Germans will, in a New York minute, be on the side of the victors, too.’
    • ‘Automatic gunfire can fill a killing zone with hot lead in a New York minute, but all the game's guns begin to pull and drift, becoming less accurate - just like in real life.’
    • ‘Even he knows that all that talk about heart makes for splendid rhetoric, but that he would trade it all for talent in a New York minute.’
    • ‘If signing Sprewell meant banking even one more win, his uniform would be at the tailor's in a New York minute.’
    • ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley spend every New York minute together.’
    • ‘Who doesn't believe that she's gone from Westchester in a New York minute if she loses?’
    • ‘In a sane world, this suit would be thrown out in a New York minute.’
    • ‘I could be that big in a New York minute, except that I got into this sport because of its nobler challenges - namely, do I have the guts, the commitment, the integrity and the discipline to sculpt my physique to perfection?’
    • ‘The Beverly Hills Carnegie closed in a New York minute.’
    • ‘If our shop instructor ever knew what we were cooking up on that end lathe, he would have run us into the principal's office in a New York minute.’
    • ‘That said, if I owned some sort of entertainment, design, or new media company, or if I had any sort of hiring power, I would grab this woman up in a New York minute.’
    • ‘No court or court-appointed trustee would do such a thing, because the Enron claimants would be all over them in a New York minute.’
    • ‘But the Big Apple crowd warmed to their impressively developed physiques in a New York minute.’