Definition of new wave in English:

new wave


  • 1A new movement or trend, especially in the arts.

    ‘a new wave was coming in architecture’
    1. 1.1mass noun A style of rock music popular in the late 1970s, deriving from punk but generally more poppy in sound and less aggressive in performance.
      as modifier ‘new wave bands’
      • ‘It begins with a squall of synthesisers and segues into a terrific new wave guitar line and a terrific drumbeat.’
      • ‘Their music has a little bit of many great influences, from post-punk to new wave to shoegaze.’
      • ‘They asked some young singers who had never heard the songs before to sing on each track, and in the process what we get is a unique way to hear our favourite new wave songs.’
      • ‘Imagine that Elvis had lived, and that Col Parker got the idea that new wave was what the kids are into these days.’
      • ‘How can these two bands think they came out of a vacuum, arguing about new wave authenticity in the 21st Century?’
    2. 1.2
      another term for nouvelle vague
      • ‘It says something of the times that Coutard, a man who had worked with all the distinguished new wave French directors, said yes.’
      • ‘Schrader reminds me a little of Claude Chabrol, who occupied a similar position within the French new wave of the 1960s.’
      • ‘In fact, Hatherley has a general affinity with early 1980s new wave.’
      • ‘It's hard to pin down Zhang Yimou, the maverick from China's Fifth Generation of new wave filmmakers.’
      • ‘In fact, politics is one of the areas where the Toronto new wave and the French New Wave truly diverge.’


new wave