Definition of new build in English:

new build


mass noun
  • 1The construction of new houses or other buildings.

    ‘prioritising refurbishment over new build’
    ‘the cost of demolition and new build’
    as modifier ‘a two-bedroom new-build home’
    • ‘The company is using the findings to back up its calls for better building controls in new-build homes to help to curb the problem.’
    • ‘Officers in Stone are appealing for witnesses after a new-build house was stripped of fixtures and fittings.’
    • ‘This is most easily achieved with a new build project.’
    • ‘The brief was to provide the maximum number of student bedrooms in the existing building with additional two or three storeys of new build accommodation above.’
    • ‘Bower Street, for example, has since been overhauled thanks to the housing association social housing new build scheme.’
    • ‘Keighley College is scheduled to move from the site to a new-build campus in Dalton Lane.’
    • ‘Along with the Ballynahinch school these are all new build sites.’
    • ‘What I am looking for essentially is a cost effective means of using a sustainable, breathable insulation material in my new build timber-framed house.’
    • ‘The shortage of inspectors is only one of a series of issues facing the new-build programme.’
    • ‘Some new build units are also still available.’
    • ‘However, by looking at the whole-life economics of the project over 30 years we were able to offer a further 10 new-build secondaries.’
    • ‘The first new-build community along these lines is near completion in Gloucestershire.’
    • ‘Existing or new build structures that use masonry, dense concrete, modular units, timber or metal frames are all suitable for fixing.’
    • ‘Consideration should be given to refusing planning permission for new build housing adjacent to landfill sites.’
    • ‘Some conversions include a proportion of new-build houses.’
    • ‘The designs fit well into avant-garde housing warehouse conversion lofts and innovative new build.’
    • ‘A shortage of townhouses and tenements in central Edinburgh has provoked a boom in new-build properties, particularly in outlying areas, agents say.’
    • ‘The Letterkenny hotel will open in 2003 and will be a new-build project.’
    • ‘Five housing associations involved in ten new build schemes across the district will share the money.’
    • ‘The new build part of the property has a concrete tile style roof.’
    1. 1.1count noun A newly constructed house.
      • ‘We were faced with a large indoor swimming pool room devoid of any decoration as it was a new build.’
      • ‘These should be extended so that all new builds must produce electricity and be totally energy efficient.’
      • ‘In 2006 updated Building Regulations pressure testing of buildings was brought in to ascertain the air permeability of new builds.’
      • ‘But the library service deemed the building unsuitable and turned its attention to a new build on the Nelson Street car park.’
      • ‘Councillor Curran says the solution is for the Housing Executive to take back responsibility for new builds from the housing associations.’
      • ‘If you haven't tried out the new builds yet, you definitely should.’
      • ‘Hotels in the area are pretty good value and are nearly all new builds but are nevertheless in keeping with the local rustic style.’
      • ‘Here are my current hardware recommendations for a new build.’
      • ‘Lucent then hired Infinity to strand cable for the new build.’
      • ‘Under proposed building regulation changes, the use of renewable energy in new builds will be mandatory from 2008.’
      • ‘Other works in the first phase, which will be spread over three years, include buying and demolishing property and new builds within the pierhead area.’
      • ‘Commission is higher on new builds so they save their enthusiasm for those.’
      • ‘However Glasgow Council has stood firm on the original conditions of eight years ago that the facade should be incorporated into any new build.’
      • ‘The whole house price boom has been artificially inflated by the fact that govt stats combine both new builds and resales.’
      • ‘This shows two things - new builds are outrageously overpriced and the housing bubble burst some time ago.’
      • ‘The 4,000 to be added will also be a mixture of new builds, purchases, and leases.’
      • ‘They put together new builds every quarter, and test them for a full quarter.’
      • ‘Over the past ten years, through conversions of farm buildings and new builds, the Estate Office has created homes for 40 businesses, generating about 150 jobs.’
      • ‘Those in the happy financial position to buy so-called luxury or executive apartments can choose from any number of new builds in York.’
  • 2The construction of ships.

    • ‘Between 1985 and 1991, despite heavy scrapping, the tanker fleet fell by only 7 m.dwt, due to increased newbuilding in the late 1980s.’
    • ‘The amount of newbuilding is a register of shipyard vitality, and it can embrace many kinds of ships.’
    1. 2.1count noun A newly constructed ship.
      ‘the port regularly welcomes new builds’
      • ‘All newbuilds have fancy teen discos that double as hang-out and activity spaces.’
      • ‘Privately held Mediterranean Shipping Cruises unveils its first-ever newbuild this year, the 1,590-passenger / 58,600-grt MSC Lirica, which begins service on March 11.’
      • ‘I used to be a stock holder in a large cruise line and sent them a letter to suggest adding single rooms to theft newbuilds.’
      • ‘Other brands in the Carnival family could get newbuilds as well.’
      • ‘The new and existing newbuildings would help Evergreen Marine more than double its container shipping capacity by 2010.’


new build