Definition of New Ageism in English:

New Ageism


  • See New Age

    • ‘And maybe we can use Hinduism, not in the form of New Ageism, but as a source of inspiration for our struggles.’
    • ‘Perhaps Carl Jung, New Ageism or popular culture is to blame for analyzing the magic of the mind into the ground.’
    • ‘Internet searches relating to New Ageism, dolphins and dolphin-assisted therapy reveal a large community of people around the world interested in the supposed spiritual connection between humans and dolphins.’
    • ‘I suppose the explosion of New Ageism, chaos, Modern Primitivism has all happened since then and he doesn't seem very rock 'n' roll anymore but it seemed pretty wild at the time…’
    • ‘This suggestion might be dismissed as abandoning scholarship in favour of the misty realms of ley lines and earnest unwashed New Ageism.’