Definition of New Age music in English:

New Age music


mass noun
  • A style of chiefly instrumental music characterized by light melodic harmonies and sounds reproduced from the natural world, intended to promote serenity.

    ‘piped-in New Age music wafts from room to room’
    • ‘That makes it sound like some limp New Age music.’
    • ‘Taima's songs range in style, reflecting a fusion of rock, pop, New Age music and jazz.’
    • ‘In New Age music, however, the currency is in its predictability - it lays it all out for you with no surprises and no changes.’
    • ‘He played with much more freedom and tonal allure in his own composition August - a pleasant, if unmemorable essay in New Age music (in the manner of Yanni).’
    • ‘Softly accompanied by New Age music, an elliptical disk of light crawls up the wall, its contour becoming fuller as it approaches the ceiling.’