Definition of never a one in English:

never a one


  • Not one.

    ‘there are no paintings, never a one’
    • ‘There lived a King and Queen, who lamented day by day that they had no children, and yet never a one was born’
    • ‘The Dorset dialect jingle asks for a husband, and finishes by hoping for a good one, but anyone better than never a one.’
    • ‘On, and on, and on the examples go, never a weak moment, never a lost sentence, never a word out of place - and never a one of those words mattering in the least, never a one of them aimed at any purpose but their own light comedy, never a one of them anything but wasted.’
    • ‘Through friends and family I have heard many stories of Holly with never a one being bad.’
    • ‘And never a one of the fifty to sneer at a rival bride.’
    • ‘Never did a sheep wander away, never a one was attacked by wolves, never a one lost in foul weather.’
    • ‘I have had scores of amateur photographers on the Craigs, including many meenisters, and most of them have taken my likeness and promised to send me a copy, but never a one has reached me.’
    • ‘For all that, there's never a one of the fine fellows a word of his wouldn't send scuttling into the nearest rat-hole.’
    • ‘I asked her whether she would have a new one or an old one; she said, a second-hand one; I told her we had never a one; but my mother called out and said, we have a second-hand cotton one.’