Definition of never-failing in English:



  • Reliable and constant.

    ‘her never-failing loyalty’
    ‘a never-failing supply’
    • ‘The festival that started out to celebrate the creativity of independent film artists has become a never-failing source of irony - one of the world's most important film markets and, willy-nilly, the midwife of new Hollywood trends.’
    • ‘The love and care of the staff is evident and their patience seems never-failing as they chat to and support the children in the struggle for interaction.’
    • ‘The innocent eccentricity of his conduct and manners was a never-failing source of discussion and entertainment to his contemporaries.’
    • ‘But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!’
    • ‘Looking down at Alana, with her long beautiful hair, her sparkling eyes, and never-failing smile, he was more than happy to have such an amazing woman as a wife.’
    • ‘One obituary notes that "he won the respect of all by his wide sympathy, his justice, his never-failing kindness, and his complete lack of self-seeking."’
    • ‘His wide reading and his retentive memory for English poetry, particularly that of his friends Tennyson and Browning, gave him a never-failing supply of literary illustrations.’
    • ‘Yet his sincerity, his freedom from vindictiveness, his never-failing readiness to use his eloquence to combat injustice, and a certain warmth of character which breaks through the restraints of classicizing purism make him attractive to the patient reader.’
    • ‘Their marriage, which was a never-failing source of happiness and inspiration, produced two daughters and a son.’
    • ‘Thanks must also go to my husband Simon for his never-failing support, and to my son Alexander who very kindly delayed his arrival until after I had finished a draft of the manuscript.’