Definition of neuston in English:



mass nounBiology
  • Small aquatic organisms inhabiting the surface layer or moving on the surface film.

    • ‘To obtain such quantitative data it is necessary to measure the quantity of water that has been scanned by the mouth opening of the neuston net into which the marine life has been gathered.’
    • ‘On the OREGON II, neuston nets are deployed off the starboard side of the forward deck with the forward crane which rests in a cradle during the tow.’
    • ‘The neuston net is towed at the water's surface to sample plankton.’
    • ‘Catch efficiency of the neuston net was 4.2 times higher than the surface ring net for larvae.’
    • ‘Repeated sampling was more extensive with bongo / Tucker gear than with neuston gear.’


Early 20th century: via German from Greek, neuter of neustos ‘swimming’, on the pattern of plankton.