Definition of neuropterous in English:



  • See neuropteran

    • ‘Snyder reported a strange neuropterous larva which he found in a termite colony at Falls Church, Va., in 1918.’
    • ‘Up to the moment when the first garden has been made and planted and the first eggs are laid, the two insects, the king and queen, ordinary four-winged neuropterous insects, have been busy building their home, laying eggs like thousands of other insects around them.’
    • ‘Biological control of aphids using neuropterous insect (Chrysopa nipponensis Okamoto) larvae was investigated.’
    • ‘Silence governs the narrow streets of this incredible wooden city split into whole regions of beetles and butterflies, districts of orthoptera and neuropterous insects, boulevards of beetles, streets of leaves and shield-bearer lice.’
    • ‘Research Emphases are: geological record of neuropterous insects, integration of fossil and living taxa into combined phylogenetic analyses.’