Definition of neuropil in English:


(also neuropile)


Anatomy Zoology
  • A dense network of interwoven nerve fibres and their branches and synapses, together with glial filaments.

    • ‘All respective first-order sensory neuropils are innervated by NOS-containing interneurons.’
    • ‘In the crab stomatogastric nervous system, citrulline is present in a pair of projection neurons that send axons to the synaptic neuropil of the STG.’
    • ‘Interestingly, therefore, the nitrergic innervation of the thoracic sensory neuropils follows the separation of tactile and proprioceptive pathways found in early mechanosensory processing.’
    • ‘Each ocellus comprises a common lens, a few hundred photoreceptor cells in groups of two to seven with a central rhabdom complex, and a synaptic neuropil where the receptors synapse onto large and small ocellar interneurons.’
    • ‘The above comparison shows that throughout the locust nervous system, primary sensory neuropils are innervated by NOS-expressing interneurons.’


Late 19th century: probably an abbreviation of obsolete neuropilema, from Greek neuron ‘nerve’ + pilēma ‘felt’.