Definition of neuropathologist in English:



  • See neuropathology

    • ‘The unique usefulness of this book/atlas is the inclusion of many real-life case studies, which greatly help neuropathologists as well as clinicians understand the pathogenesis and pathology of peripheral nerve diseases.’
    • ‘The eponymous term ‘Hallervorden - Spatz syndrome’ has fallen into disfavor in view of the unethical activities of the German neuropathologists Hallervorden and Spatz during World War II.’
    • ‘It is clear that, in our institution, except for neuropathologists, autopsy material is no longer the basis of major scientific production.’
    • ‘Therefore, it would be an excellent addition to the libraries of neuropathologists, neurologists, or molecular neuroscientists.’
    • ‘Tumors of the pituitary gland are not included, and I believe they should have been, since in a number of places neuropathologists are involved in frozen section preparation and final diagnosis of these tumors.’